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Roo's Curious Quest

Project type

Sequential Illustration Book


December 2023


Toronto, Ontario

An enchanting tale, crafted for children aged 4-8, takes readers on a heartfelt journey through nature’s wonders while exploring existentialism in a whimsical fashion.

Through Roo’s experience, we discover that every living creature dances to the rhythm of their own unique definitions of purpose, and there is no requirement to conform to another’s desires. I encourage readers to embrace empathy for all creatures, big and small.

I seek to provide enchanting imagery and the timeless charm, to capture the hearts of children. I am inspired by folk/cottage artwork that incorporate a limited colour palette consisting of earth tones and delicate/intricate line work.

"Roo's Curious Quest" is an 36 page children's book written and illustrated by Jasmine Lesperance.
Please contact for inquiries or to view full work.

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